Your Best Option for Discreet Investigation Services

I go to great lengths to search for evidence, evaluate records, and confirm facts that are relevant to a case or personal matter. This is why many clients trust me to find and analyze evidence for them.


Areas of Specialization

Process Serving

Using TBI as your process server, you know your papers will be delivered as promptly and efficiently as possible. 

Criminal and Civil Investigations

Investigations involving criminal and civil cases, very much like all investigations requires the utmost privacy and security. With the experience Erick has from his past as a journalist and law enforcement, he knows how to conduct investigations, and present clear and consise facts as they pertain to the case. 

Conducting Interviews

During interviews people give “tales”. TBI investigators has the experience in developing questions to further the investigation. Erick has received extensive training and is able to read body language as to whether the person is hiding information or being deceptive with their answers. All interviews are recorded.


I can closely observe a person, place, or object with proven methods.

Background Checks

Let us help you find out more about a person’s past to include criminal history, financial and other information you may need. This type if investigation is crucial for families looking to hire nannies or any one that will be watching their children, animals, or house sitting. Know who you are hiring!

Preemployment Screenings

Are you looking to hire a nanny or someone to watch your children? Are you looking to hire somebody in a trusted position for your business? Using TBI will save you heartache, cost and time. This is where Pre-employment screenings will help you personally and/or professionally. 

Pre-Marital Investigations

Before you take the vows for better or worse, know what the “worse” can be. In a new world that moves so fast and easy to hide secrets, allow us to find those secrets beforehand. The investigation may show you have the prince or princess that you desire and love.

Fraud Investigations: Corporate/Insurace

Fraud is usually committed by individuals that believe they won’t get caught. TBI will go to great lengths to prove or disapprove the fraud. People that commit Insurance Fraud generally require covert surveillance. TBI has the skills to blend and conduct those covert cases.

Missing Person Investigations

TBI has the technology, and contacts to reach out and help locate people. A lot of times people try to dodge process servers, TBI will do everything possible to locate the individual(s). When people know they are being sought, they will stay at other locations, have friends lie for them and so forth, again, TBI will go that extra mile to find the person.

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